• Rebus: Long Shadows

    Tuesday 5 - Saturday 9 February 2019

    Evenings 7.30pm
    Wednesday, Thursday & Saturday Matinees 2.30pm

    Running Time: TBC
    Rebus: Long ShadowsRebus: Long ShadowsRebus: Long ShadowsRebus: Long Shadows
Starring Ron Donachie
Cathy Tyson
and John Stahl

Detective Inspector John Rebus is retired but the shadows of his former life still follow him through the streets of Edinburgh. Whisky helped but now he's denying himself that pleasure. But when the daughter of a murder victim appears outside his flat, he's back on the case and off the wagon.

Rebus will need help from his ex-colleagues but one of them is already looking for him. DI Siobhan Clarke was Rebus' greatest ally on the force but is worried that his past actions may stop them finally convicting a dangerous killer. Soon Rebus is caught between two cases and can only turn to one person to help him - the man he spent his career trying to arrest.

Ian Rankin's Rebus novels have dominated the detective fiction market with the ensuing television series ensuring the detective's legendary status. Now, alongside award-winning playwright Rona Munro, Ian Rankin is bringing his beloved creation to the stage for the very first time.

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Tickets and reductions

Tuesday - Thursday 7.30pm & Saturday 2.30pm
£12.00 - £29.00

Wednesday & Thursday 2.30pm
£11.00 - £22.00

Friday & Saturday 7.30pm
£13.00 - £32.00

Boxes (maximum of 6 people)
£80.00 - £146.00

Standard Reductions: £3.50 off
Tuesday - Thursday 7.30pm & Saturday 2.30pm

Groups (8+): £3.50 off
Tuesday - Thursday 7.30pm & Saturday 2.30pm

Over 60s: £18.00 each
Wednesday 2.30pm & Thursday 2.30pm

Student Special: £5.00 each
For any Evening performance (except Saturday) from 6pm onwards

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