Supported performances

We offer a range of perfroamnces that are:

  • audio described 
  • BSL interpreted
  • captioned

 We also offer a Relaxed Performance of the Pantomime every year.

The free MobileConnect app allows you to connect to audio description or an enhanced show soundtrack through your mobile device with your own headphones

Audio described performances

Audio described performances are available for several productions each season, usually matinees. They can be booked by calling 029 2087 8889.

Reduced price tickets are available in the front Stalls for each visually impaired visitor and one companion.

Visually impaired people may be entitled to a free or heavily discounted ticket for their personal assistant/carer. Please speak to Box Office before booking your tickets.

Audio description is a live commentary given by a trained describer, interspersed with the actors' dialogue. Description is relayed via discreet headsets linked to the infrared audio system or via the MobileConnect app. You can use your personal device to access MobileConnect, alternatively we offer mobile devices here at the theatre which you are welcome to borrow, as an alternative to the infrared headsets.

Infrared headsets

Infrared headsets are available from the front of house management office on arrival - please ask a member of staff. The description starts 15 minutes before the performance with details of the set, scenery, characters and forthcoming audio descriptions. Please talk to a member of Front of House staff when you arrive about collecting your headset. 

When booking for an Audio Described performance, please indicate your preferred seats and the number of headsets you require, if you're not using MobileConnect. Please note that a returnable £5 deposit is required.

The Infra Red signal for these headsets does not reach a small number of seats in the stalls area so please speak to our box office prior to booking your seats. MobileConnect is available everywhere in the auditorium.

Large print and Braille

Free cast lists in large print and Braille and pre-production notes are available for a small number of productions on request in advance.

Our staff can also bring interval drinks to the seats of visually impaired people on request. Please speak to a staff member before the show begins.

British Sign Language Interpreted Performances

The New Theatre offers British Sign Language interpreted performances for several shows each season. In an interpreted performance, our registered qualified British Sign Language interpreter stands to one side of the stage, interpreting the text into British Sign Language alongside the live performance.

For these performances, a block of reduced price front Stalls seats is reserved for D/deaf people to ensure a good view of the interpreter. Please call 029 2087 8889 to book stating that you will be using this service.

Whenever possible we will provide the details in advance of the BSL interpreter in our brochure and on the website.

Captioned performances

We offer captioned performances for several productions throughout the year. Captioning converts the spoken word into text that provides people with hearing loss with access to live performance.

In captioned performances, the words appear on a screen usually on the right hand side of the stage at the same time as they are sung or spoken. Captions also include sound effects and offstage noises.

Reduced price seats at the front of the Stalls are set aside for captioned performances.

Please call 029 2087 8889 to book stating that you will be using this service.

Hearing enhancement and headsets

To enhance enjoyment for people who are hearing impaired, an Infrared audio system is available throughout the auditorium. You can also use MobileConnect.

Headsets are available for anyone who is hearing impaired or wishes to use the audio description service available for certain performances.

There are two different types of headsets available. The first requires hearing aids to be removed, as it fits into the ears. There are three settings giving amplified sound in one or both ears or providing audio description of the performance in one ear.

Alternatively, there is a headset that is placed around the neck and requires hearing aids to be switched to the 'T' setting. Please note this type of headset is not always compatible with newer models of hearing aids.

We recommend the advance booking of headsets. Please call 029 2087 8790 to book your headset.

You can collect your headset before the performance from the Front of House office in the Stalls bar area.

Please note that a returnable £5 deposit is required.

The Infrared signal for these headsets does not reach a small number of seats in the stalls area so please speak to our box office prior to booking your seats.

For people using hearing aids

An induction loop system service is available at the right hand counter of the Box Office for bookings and customer enquiries. Please note there is not an induction loop in the auditorium (see options above).

Relaxed performances

We offer relaxed performances of the pantomime for people with autism, learning disabilities and sensory and communication disorders. Please ask at Box Office for details. 

For any assistance during your visit, please ask our friendly staff. As part of our commitment to access for all, all staff receive basic disability awareness training.

Support dogs

Hearing dogs, guide dogs and assistance dogs are welcome in the theatre. We can offer suitable seats on request when you book. Staff can care for support dogs during your visit on request. If you would like to arrange this in advance please phone the Front of House Management office on 029 2087 8790.

Please ask for information on special effects that might affect the comfort of your dog during the performance.

We welcome feedback on our customer service. During your visit, please contact the Duty Manager with any special requirements and ask them to pass on your comments.

Please raise any problems during your visit as you encounter them. We will do our best to resolve them there and then to your satisfaction.

If you wish to provide more detailed feedback after a performance, you can email us, or telephone us on 02920 87 88 89.

Information for people with sensory and communication needs

Your visit

The auditorium will be open approximately 30 minutes prior to the start of the show. The bar will be open at this time and there are foyer areas on each level of the theatre where you can wait.

These areas may get crowded at this time. Tickets are required for entry into the theatre and you will need to show them to Front of House staff, who will direct you to your allocated seat. The row and seat number will be printed on the ticket.

If you would like to go to your seat before everyone else does, please ask a member of staff who will arrange this for you. 

Our visual story provides images and an overview of the theatre-going experience for anyone who would like to find out more before they arrive. We can also arrange for visits to the theatre in advance of a performance. Call 02920 8787 90 to arrange this with out House Management team.

The performance

Before the performance begins there will be people walking in and out of the auditorium looking for their seats. There may be some music playing and an announcement may be made to the audience.

Just before the performance begins, the lights will be dimmed in the auditorium. The curtain will be raised and the audience sit quietly, waiting for the action to begin. There may be laughter or clapping during the performance.

There is usually an interval about half way through the performance. The audience claps and the safety curtain will be lowered. The lights come on and people have the option to go into the foyer areas for refreshments or to use the toilet.

The interval will last around 20 minutes and there will be an announcement advising people to take their seats for the second act. The lights are dimmed once more and the curtain will be raised.

At the end of the performance the audience claps, the curtain will be lowered and the lights will go on again. It can take a few minutes for the audience to filter out of the auditorium and there can be large crowds at this point.

Please note that some performances contain strobe lighting, loud bangs (such as gunshots), loud music and flashing lights. Please check with Box Office when you book tickets whether the show contains these elements. There will also be signs on the doors to advise people of this prior to entry.