Reduced price ticket information for disabled visitors:

The New Theatre offers a price reduction on most tickets at most performances for disabled visitors. These discounts are listed on the show pages on this website. Additionally, patrons attending in wheelchairs are entitled to purchase their choice of tickets at the equivalent price to the advertised Upper Circle rate. For technical reasons wheelchair positions can be purchased via the telephone or in person only and are not available via online sales.

All disabled people attending the New Theatre and qualifying for a reduced price ticket are entitled to purchase one extra seat at the same reduced price for one companion. When purchasing your tickets via the box office, please request your additional reduced price ticket for your companion. Or if you purchase your tickets online, please select an extra seat at the disabled person's discounted rate for your companion.



As of April 2015, the New Theatre will be part of a new Wales-wide access scheme, Hynt.

By being part of one national scheme, Hynt cardholders will be able to access performances and activities across a range of venues in Wales and will be entitled to a ticket free of charge for a Personal Assistant or Carer.

This means will not be accepting any new members to our own Access scheme and if you have already signed up, we ask that you re-apply to become a Hynt member. 

If you are currently part of our Access scheme as a disabled patron and you would like to continue to receive a free ticket for your Personal Assistant / Carer, you will need to apply to join Hynt by downloading an application form directly from their website:



If you are a Personal Assistant / Carer, please encourage the person you care for to apply soon. If applicable, you can complete the application form on their behalf by downloading it from

From 1 September 2015, you will need to be a Hynt cardholder in order to access a free ticket for your Personal Assistant / Carer.We advise that you apply as soon as possible so that you don't have to wait next time you'd like to book tickets. If you have questions about this, please visit or contact Hynt directly on 0344 2252305 or email

If you have a Group membership to the New Theatre / St David's Hall then please continue to use your membership as before.  Please call us on 029 2087 8885 if you are unsure if you have a group membership.

If you represent a group of disabled people and would like to sign everyone up under one membership, you can download the application form HERE.

Once completed, please send your form to:

Personal Assistants
New Theatre
Park Place
CF10 3LN

We will then process your application and be in touch within 28 days. Please note that you will not be able to claim your Personal Assistant seat(s) until we have responded with your unique booking number. Once successful, you will not need to renew your status for 3 years.

If you require further information about this scheme, you can contact us via email -, telephone us on 029 2087 8787 or write to us at the address above.

This scheme has been devised with the help of Cardiff Council's Access Officer, Cardiff & Vale Coalition of Disabled People, Disability Arts Cymru and our customers. We welcome customer feedback on this scheme via the email address, telephone number or postal address above.