Getting to the theatre

There are three sets of main entrance doors with level access on the corner of Park Place and Greyfriars Road. The doors on the far right, as you approach the theatre, are automatic, and will swing inwardly when approached.

Wheelchair users are also welcome to use the level access Stage Door entrance with its drop off point on Greyfriars Road.


For information, call the Travel Line on 0871 200 22 33.There are bus stops on Greyfriars Road.


For information,call National Rail Enquiries on 0845 7484 950 or textphone  0845 6050 600. Queen Street station is approximately 500 metres from the  theatre.


There are several car parks near the theatre with disabled persons' parking bays and lifts to all levels. 

Please note, the NCP on Greyfriars Road (opposite the theatre) does not have a level access to the street and therefore may not be suitable for all disabled patrons. Please note that whilst there is a lift in the car park, it may not be suitable for people using larger wheelchairs or mobility scooters. Before using this car park, please contact NCP on 0845 050 7080 or visit for more information

For more information call Connect to Cardiff on 029 2087 2087 (Monday to Friday 8:30 to 18:00), or visit You can also access this service via textmessage 079 6722 2087, or by minicom 02920 87 2085.


There is a taxi rank directly opposite the New Theatre.

Finding your way around

The auditorium features three levels:
• Stalls
• Circle
• Upper Circle 

Our staff can offer guidance when booking and on arrival to make your visit as straightforward as possible.

There are two staircases reaching all floors. All floors are carpeted, apart from the entrance area, which is wooden.


Passenger lift

We have a dedicated passenger lift for customers who need it. It can accommodate manual or powered wheelchairs which are no larger than 840mm wide by 1150mm in length.

However, in the event of an emergency evacuation spaces in the lift are limited.

It is important to speak to a member of Box office when you book your tickets if you wish to use the lift. It is also possible for customers who can manage a limited number of stairs to use the lift, if this is pre-arranged with New Theatre staff at the point of booking tickets.

If you would like to try out our lift in advance of your visit, please contact us to make an appointment.

Accessing the lift

Access the lift via DOOR B in the Stalls bar and advise the staff member checking tickets that you require the lift. Another staff member will then come with you to the lift and take you to the level required.

Please note that the lift can only be operated by members of New Theatre staff. If you are intending to use the lift, please arrive early, as there may be a small queue.


Stalls - ground floor- DOORS A and B

On this level, you will find a bar, the box office, sales points and a fully accessible toilet. 

The Stalls area has level access with four steps to seats from DOOR B (nearest the Box Office) or seven shallow steps to seats nearest the stage from DOOR A, next to the sales point.

At the rear of the Stalls there are five spaces for wheelchair users on row V - the row furthest from the stage and closest to the entrance (accessed via DOOR B). These are suitable for users of all types of wheelchairs. These wheelchair spaces are on row V.

Due to the overhang of the Circle, the upper part of the stage will not be visible from row V. 

DOOR A also has a wheelchair lift to the front Stalls seats for wheelchair users who have booked one of the two designated spaces at the front of the auditorium. 

They are available for customers who are able to transfer, without our assistance, into a stair-climbing wheelchair in the event of an evacuation.
They are only suitable for users of manual wheelchairs. We can supply these for patrons attending in electric wheelchairs who have booked these positions. Please speak to Box Office about your requirements.

Customers who are not booked in to one of these wheelchair spaces will need to navigate the stairs. 

If you are a wheelchair user who would prefer to transfer into one of our regular seats to watch the show, please call our Front of House office on 029 2087 8790 before finalising your booking.

From DOOR A, once inside the auditorium, there is level access for all rows except row V.


Circle - first floor - DOORS C and D

The central spiral staircase directly in front of the Box Office (ground floor) leads to DOORS C and D in 20 steps. The rear staircase near the Front of House management office (ground floor) has 13 steps. 

Both staircases have handrails. On the first floor, there is a bar, foyer, seating areas, and toilets. However, the only fully accessible toilet is on the ground level.

There is also a passenger lift available to access this seating area please read the passenger lift information above  Seats 17 and higher are closest to the lift itself.

For some customers it might be easier to access the rear Circle via DOOR E on the next level. If DOOR E is printed on your ticket, please speak to a member of staff who can assist you.

You can reach all Circle seats by steps in the auditorium. The rows nearest the stage have fewer steps from DOORS C and D.


Use the door near the Circle Bar (six steps down to auditorium level), or the back staircase near the Front of House management office on the ground floor (13 steps).


Use the door directly ahead of the spiral staircase on the Circle level. All entrance doors into the auditorium have steps.

Rows G to M are also accessible by the spiral staircase via DOOR E on the Upper Circle level - an additional 20 steps from the Circle level. This is not recommended for mobility-impaired theatre-goers.

We have a single wheelchair position sited on row M, which you can access via the passenger lift.


Upper Circle - second floor

The Upper Circle can be reached in 40 steps up the main spiral staircase on the ground floor and via the passenger lift (please read the information page). This area also has a bar, seating area, toilets and a sales point.

The toilets on this level are not fully accessible. However, there is an accessible toilet on the ground floor.

To reach DOOR F, next to the Upper Circle bar, there are three further steps.

Seat numbers 18 and higher are closest to the passenger lift. Between the lift and all seats there are approximately 25 paces, including three steps up and two steps down.

Both staircases on either side of the Upper Circle seating area have handrails. B-F are accessible only via further steps.



To reach Boxes B and C, take the staircase opposite the Front of House Management office by the sales point, at the rear of the foyer and the five steps down to the auditorium entrance.

To reach Boxes D and E use DOOR F head to the Upper Circle bar. There are then 14 steps down.

To reach Boxes G and H ascend the spiral staircase and take the entrance immediately in front of you on the Circle level (DOOR D). Follow the long corridor until you reach the appropriate entrance (11 steps on this route on the Circle level).

Boxes G and H can each accommodate a wheelchair user and are accessible via our dedicated passenger lift. Please note that a wheelchair in either Box can restrict space for other Box users. Please advise Box Office when booking if you require a wheelchair user to access one of these Boxes.

To reach Boxes I and J take the entrance nearest the spiral staircase from the Upper Circle foyer (DOOR E).